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| Erin Ronstadt


From Clients:

“When my disability benefits were cut off, someone recommended I find a lawyer to help appeal in ERISA law. After calling around to lawyers I found Mrs. Ronstadt. She took the time to lissen to my situation and she had experience with my insurance company. She also knew about degenerative disc disease which i suffer from. The insurance company cut me off by using my own doctor’s medical notes and Mrs Ronstadt knew how to handle that. With her help we were able to get my benefits reinstated. VERY satisfied with her representation and recommend anyone fighting an insurance company for disability to talk to her. I was to sick to really figure the process out alone and it meant the world to have someone like Mrs. Ronstadt to represent me.” – Dave, www.avvo.com. View full review here.

Erin offered me compassion when no one else would at a very difficult time in my life. She was competent and professional. Unlike other attorneys, she was also accessible and took the time to answer my questions. I would recommend Erin to anyone looking for a lawyer.” – Stacy S., www.avvo.com. View full review here.

Erin Ronstadt is an excellent lawyer, and I’m very pleased that I decided to use her for my case. I was sued for ridiculous reasons and thought I wouldn’t even need a lawyer, but the company going up against me had endless amounts of money to spend on the best lawyers. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a lawyer, but Erin was very willing to work with me on what I had. It was a very scary situation since I’d never been sued before, but she handled everything and was always very responsive and kept me in the loop about everything. Everything she did was always in my best interest, and she ultimately won my case. The other company suing me tried to appeal the ruling, and instead of extending the lawsuit, she accepted a deal so that I could put it behind me and get my money back. She is a lawyer that truly wants to help people and isn’t just about the money. I have a lot of respect for her, and I wish that more lawyers could run their practices like her.” – Anonymous. View review here.

From Attorneys:

Erin is the go-to person for ERISA cases. She is smart, hardworking and an amazing advocate for her clients. I highly recommend her.” – Michelle Ogborne, Ogborne Law PLLC.  See the review here.

Whether its ERISA, disability, litigation, or any other insurance related issue, Erin has the knowledge and resources to get the answers. She is passionate about her clients’ needs and fights tirelessly for them. Her knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills set her apart from many other attorneys in this field. She is, without a doubt, my “go to” for any such related issues.” – Jason Wells, Wells Realty. See the review here.

“Erin is my go-to person for ERISA type cases: long term and short term disability cases. She is a fantastic lawyer and a great client advocate. I highly recommend her.” – Matt Fendon of Fendon Law Firm, Phoenix, AZ. See the review here.

“Erin is an extremely dedicated, intelligent, and detail-oriented professional. I trust Erin’s judgment and believe she is a highly competent attorney who represents her clients with professionalism and skill.”- Lindsay Olivarez, Udall & Shumway, Tempe, AZ. View full review here.

I have had the pleasure of associating with Erin on several cases and highly recommend her. Erin is a competent and organized attorney who is passionate about client services. She also has superior negotiation and communication skills that enable her to diplomatically and efficiently advocate on her client’s behalf and achieve excellent results.” – Alison Lienau, San Diego, CA. View full review here.

Erin is a bright young lawyer with a strong work ethic. She has great empathy for people wrongfully denied disability benefits and a good grasp on a difficult area of law, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”).” – Kevin Koelbel, Law Offices of Kevin Koelbel, PC, Chandler, Arizona. View full review here.

“Erin is an industrious and effective attorney, who my firm has associated with on numerous cases. In my experience working with her directly, she has impressed me with not only her resourcefulness, but also her character. I recommend her unreservedly.” – Kyle Shelton, Chandler, AZ. View full review here.