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| Erin Ronstadt

Success on Internal Appeal

A law firm out of California was able to recover $960,000 in past-due benefits on appeal from Unum Insurance Company. Read the entire story here. While more claimants will not have such ample past-due benefits to recover, this is a great success story that demonstrates the importance of preparing a thorough and compelling appeal, as well as the value of seeking legal counsel to assist in that preparation. This is especially true if, like in the story above, your disability is subjective in nature, such as headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, or anxiety. Before appealing, you should always exercise your right to request your entire claim file and plan documents, so that you have all of the information that was used in denying your claim. By doing so, you will also gain access to the insurance company’s internal notes about your claim.

If you are preparing an appeal, contact our firm to learn more about the process and to see how we can help. We have championed many appeals for our clients and make success on appeal a priority in representation. You do not need to be alone in this process!

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