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| Erin Ronstadt

What is ERISA?

Ronstadt Law specializes in benefits offered by employers, which are often governed by ERISA. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is a federal law that protects participants in employee pension plans, and other benefit plans offered by employers. ERISA governs various types of retirement plans, including defined benefit pension plans, 401k plans and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). ERISA also covers medical, disability, and other benefit programs sponsored by your employer. Under ERISA, plan participants and beneficiaries may seek relief for breaches of fiduciary responsibility, denial of benefits, or failure to provide adequate disclosures of plan terms or benefit changes.

While ERISA is meant to protect employee benefits, the law has developed in a way that has given employers and insurance companies broad discretion to determine your right to benefits. Pursuing your claim for benefits under ERISA requires careful plan interpretation and a knowledge of how the courts have developed the law, which varies between jurisdictions. Contact us today for more information about your rights under ERISA and whether you have a claim.