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| Erin Ronstadt

Short and Long Term Disability Benefits

Have you been denied disability benefits, despite the fact you cannot work? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. Often, the reasons for the denial are in direct contradiction to your treating physicians’ opinions, fail to consider the side effects of your medication regime, or demand objective evidence where none is available to prove your conditions. The insurance company will frequently “cherry pick” reasons to deny or terminate your claim, even retaining an “independent” medical reviewer to find against you, despite the fact you have never been personally evaluated by that reviewer. Often, these denials are in direct contradiction to the medical evidence and even in violation of the law.

Don’t give up on your right to your disability benefits. Insurance companies often rely on the probability that you will not fight for your benefits, thus saving them from paying you for the months – and often years – of benefits to which you’re entitled. Given that most plans pay for benefits until age 65 and frequently 60% of your pre-disability income, denying your benefits saves insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Ronstadt Law specializes in handling disability appeals and litigation. We routinely help clients appeal adverse decisions from several major insurance carriers and claims administrators, including but not limited to:

- Sedgwick CMS
- Cigna
- Hartford
- The Standard
- MetLife
- Unum
- Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)
- Lincoln National
- Prudential

Whether you are submitting an appeal or ready to file a lawsuit, there are several things you should know before moving forward. You should make sure to request and review your entire claim file, plan documents, and learn your rights under ERISA. Any appeal you submit should support disability and include additional medical findings, not just your perspective on why the insurance company is wrong. While there are many resources online that offer advice on appealing your denial of disability benefits, those resources often give incorrect or inadequate advice about appealing an adverse decision. Thus you should contact an attorney before you proceed.

When living with a disabling condition, it is hard enough to take care of yourself, let alone fight an insurance company. If your benefits have been denied but you remain unable to work, contact Ronstadt Law today.