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Yearly Archives: 2013

Subrogation Rights a Hot Issue in ERISA

Feb, 06, 2013 Erin Ronstadt Blog 0

This is a follow-up blog to our July 2012 posting on this same case. If you’ve ever been received compensation from a work-related or personal injury matter, then you have most likely dealt with your insurance company’s subrogation rights. ‘Subrogation’ refers to your health insurance company’s right to get reimbursed for expenses it has paid …

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New CFS Drug Ampligen Can’t Get FDA Approval

Jan, 04, 2013 Erin Ronstadt Blog 0

Ampligen, the first drug engineered to target Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (“CFS”), has been recommended against approval by the Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA”). Read an article here about the topic. Ampligen has been in development for a few decades, and this is not the first time it has failed to earn FDA approval. The FDA …

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