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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Insurers Cannot Hide Behind Legal Counsel – the “Fiduciary Exception” to Attorney-Client Privilege

Dec, 17, 2012 Erin Ronstadt Blog 0

When you consult with an attorney, your conversations with that attorney are protected as privileged, and there is little exception to this rule. While this protection may be important for the average person, insurance companies have been afforded this protection in the ERISA context when it came to communications with their legal counsel. Under the …

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Claimants AND Plans need good ERISA Attorneys

Dec, 12, 2012 Erin Ronstadt Uncategorized 0

Here is a short article written on the value of a good ERISA attorney when it comes to plan design issues. If plans took more time consulting with independent ERISA counsel, both parties would benefit from better-designed plans that promote the best interests of everyone involved.

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Success on Internal Appeal

Dec, 02, 2012 Erin Ronstadt Uncategorized 1

A law firm out of California was able to recover $960,000 in past-due benefits on appeal from Unum Insurance Company. Read the entire story here. While more claimants will not have such ample past-due benefits to recover, this is a great success story that demonstrates the importance of preparing a thorough and compelling appeal, as …

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Litigating an ERISA case: Discovering Medical Reviewer Bias

Dec, 01, 2012 Erin Ronstadt Blog 2

If your disability benefits have been denied, your insurance company very likely hired an “independent” physician or medical reviewer to justify the denial of your claim. Insurance companies will often hire these “independent” reviewers to review a claimant’s medical records and provide opinions regarding the claimant’s functionality, pain levels, and overall disabled status. Ironically, these …

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